Good data = Good leads


Successful lead generation campaigns start with good data

At Top Email Data we provide some of the best email data for business finance professionals.  

Clean Lists

Having clean emails is one of the most important elements for successful lead generation. We clean and scrub all of our lists for invalid addresses, high risk spam trap emails, complainers and more.

Relevant Data

From Aged UCC data to business owners who have recently made inquiries for business loans. Our lists are made up of business owners who are knowledgable and are interested in financing.

Great Prices

Email marketing is a numbers game. The more data the better. That is why we provide some of the best rates so you can buy a big enough list to make an impact.

We're Good With Numbers

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About Us

We know what it takes...

Having years of experience in marketing, particularly for lead generation in the business financing space, the team behind Top Email Data knows what type of data is needed to be successful. 

Including the best practices to ensure the best results. 

Like having cleaned lists, relevant data, fresh emails, emailing in bulk. 

However, it all starts with the data, and we have some of the best tried and tested in the business.


Ensuring the best data...

Ready to get the best data in the industry?

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